Consider area rugs for your home

Area rugs give you extensive options for use, adding beauty and durability. These pieces provide something unique for each room with results that will serve you for 20 years or more. And you can have the perfect home addition as soon as you start shopping.

Area rugs for beauty

A little "something extra" is necessary for the best visual results in many rooms. For example, you might need a neutral base for busy decor pieces or a bold statement to create a focal point. Whatever your need, there is a color, pattern, or design in each indoor or outdoor rug you see.

Shape and size also play a factor in creating the precise look you want. For example, specific rug sizes can ground furniture pieces in living rooms and dining rooms. You'll want to see many of these choices in person for the best examples.

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Durable rugs for busy spaces

Choosing the most durable pieces makes sense if you're using these rugs for protection. Nylon is perfect for busy spaces that take on a lot of traffic. But polyester area rugs are fantastic for stain protection. 

Better still are rugs with stain protection built right into the fibers themselves. This benefit never wears or washes off for a lifetime of protection. Personalizing these pieces is easier than you think, no matter what you want or need.

Added benefits you'll love

Even in busy spaces, the right rug choices can give you exceptional noise suppression. But it also provides a bit of heat retention and added softness in any room. These are perfect for bedrooms and children's rooms, where area rugs can add extra comfort.

Don't forget that you can move smaller rugs from room to room. That means you can update the look of a different room any time you want. There are many ways to use these rugs for the best possible results.
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