What can tile flooring do for you?

You might want to find out more if you haven't experienced tile flooring. These materials help you create a beautiful and durable surface in every room of your home. In addition, the benefits available here can last more than 50 years with a professional installation.

Enjoy extensive visuals

Colors, patterns, and designs are all parts of what make this floor covering so beautiful. You can arrange them in any combination you like to create a look that is yours alone. But you can also lean on the format and installation layout to add even more depth.

Another option is to have the porcelain or ceramic tile cut to any shape or size you want. This helps create one-of-a-kind patterns and mosaics that cater to your style. And we'll help make sure your design is the perfect match for your decor.

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No better durability

These materials go through a hot kiln firing process that creates extensive density. As a result, they're hard enough to resist scratches, cracks, and chips, even in the busiest areas of your home. They also inhibit mold and bacteria for cleaner air and surface quality.

With tile flooring in place, you'll also receive excellent protection from water damage. Many homeowners install them in showers and basements because they are resistant to water. This kind of durability can keep you protected for decades in any room of your home.

Installation facts

Tile flooring installation should only come through trained and experienced professional technicians. They have the tools and experience to give you the results you want and need. This is a necessity for both porcelain and ceramic tile floors.

The perfect installation ensures your manufacturer's warranty will also remain valid. But it's sure to give you the appearance you want and need. If you have questions about your installation, speak with an associate.
Tile from Owensboro, KY from Carpets Unlimited

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